Dream Apartments in Noida and Greater Noida

If you are looking to buy residential or commercial properties in Delhi NCR then it is a good idea to investment for future. Delhi NCR has lots of prime locations to purchase real estate properties with modern amenities. There are may types properties are available in Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon which includes luxury villas, apartments, commercial shops, residential plots and commercial plots. You can buy residential or commercial properties via bank loan. These types of the properties amputated bank provides easily loan on monthly EMI. But there are some sectors lying in the Gurgaon area and are very close to Delhi at the same time. Locations like Noida Expressway may face a strong challenge once the housing stocks initiate to come up in the new zones of Delhi. The benchmark prices for such properties are based on the prevailing realty prices in Noida. This seems to pose a mighty challenge in the mid-term, especially when the realty products will start selling in Delhi for Rs 5000 per sq ft. Gaur The Islands Price List / Gaur Aero Mall Price List / Gaur city 1st avenue Price List / Gaur city 6th avenue Price List

The new real estate stock likely to come up in the national capital, New Delhi according to the land pooling policy, is expected to be priced between Rs 5000 to 12000 per sq. ft, depending on the location. All this is in line with the property prices in the National Capital Region, especially in areas such as Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, Yamuna Expressway, Sohna and Manesar. Presently, the realty stock in Noida is bearing price tags amounting between Rs 4000 and 7000 per sq ft and in locations like Gurgaon it has reached up to Rs 12000 per sq ft. The whole range fits perfectly into Noida as well as Gurgaon markets. According to the experts, the real estate prices are expected to stabilize in the mid-term to the long term owing to the coming up steady housing supply. Buy Godrej Solitaire sector 150 Noida, Godrej Suites Greater Noida and Godrej Nurture sector 150 Noida where has luxury apartments with lots of modern facilities.

In currently, there are many real estate residential projects along the Noida Expressway bearing price tags going over Rs 10000 per sq ft. In case, 6 years later, the realty projects in Delhi start selling for Rs 10000 per sq ft, then the prices’ appreciation potential of residential projects located at Noida Expressway having proximity with Delhi Border are expected to get stunted. However, this is incapable of leading reverse migration. The ones residing and employed in the National Capital Region would not automatically shift to the National Capital. Neither will the It Hub and other corporate offices. The demand will continue to be the same but the realty prices will stabilize. Another gradual impact expected may be that the developers like ATS, Godrej, TATA, Gaur, Mahagun Group, Supertech active in NCR will slow down their construction activity in these towns and the frequency of new realty launches will be in turn pulled down.

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