Home Remodeling in Greater Noida and Noida

If you are looking for project ideas as we head into the busy season of home improvement, perhaps something to consider is bathroom remodeling Greater Noida and Noida. Updating your bathroom not only gives a new splash of life into a space in the home that is used very frequently, the project can improve the value of your house while also cutting down on utility bills. You can turn your bathroom into a relaxing space that can have positive mental health benefits as well. If you’re ready to make an investment into an often-overlooked aspect of your home, check out what’s trending in terms of bathroom remodeling. Are Smaller Bathrooms the New Trend? With our bathroom remodeling Greater Noida and Noida, we can restructure your bathroom to expand the square footage. That being said we can also rearrange your bathroom to take advantage of the new trend of doing more with less. Homeowners are finding out that just because a bathroom is on the smaller size doesn’t mean it can’t be luxury. Raised vanities create the illusion of space as do shelving over cabinets.

Technologically Integrated, “Gadgets” in the bathroom do not have to just be for fun, they can help utilize energy efficiency as well. Think low flow toilets and faucets that turn off automatically after you remove your hands. Now, for the fun stuff – how about Smart showers that instantly adjust to your desired temperature? Would a chroma therapy tub with soothing lights be something that could enhance your mood? Space saving walk-in showers with elaborate tiling with still add value to your home. These design trends are especially valuable in a second bathroom. Apex Golf Avenue 2 / Gaur The Islands price list / Gaur Mulberry mansions price list / Gaur city 1st avenue price list

Tile Domination, The type of tile you have installed in bathroom remodeling Greater Noida and Noida will dictate the entire personality of the room. Homeowners are using tiles to create bold accent walls in both organic neutral colors as well as darker palettes. Our customers are taking advantage of faux grains and stone tiles so they can have the look without the swelling and moisture damage of real wood or the slipperiness of authentic rock. It’s not just the graphics and colors of tiles that are changing, it’s the shape. Unique shapes such as hexagon, diamond, and chevron are being used everywhere from flooring to back splashes to shower walls. do not Forget Radiant Floor Heating, One thing we always suggest when contracting a bathroom remodeling Greater Noida and Noida is to consider radiant in-floor heating. Our customers are nothing but grateful when they can enjoy walking on a bathroom floor – especially during our cold Midwestern Winters – and enjoy a comfortable warmth emanating between their toes. Radiant floors are energy efficient because they can be powered by water tubes and allow you to turn down the furnace. All this while enjoying a comfortable, cozy, warm bathroom.

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