Sikka Group Real Estate Developers in Delhi NCR

Sikka Group is a well known real estate developer that has been established by Mr. Gurinder Singh Sikka three decades earlier. Since, then Sikka Group has made its presence felt in all business verticals and on a prominent basis in the real estate sector. Sikka Group has a thought provoking wish about lifestyle which says “a better tomorrow, a better life”. Sikka Group has also built a reputation which is firm and solid that values quality and great value for money projects. Sikka Group has also completed a series of Real Estate projects in and around the region of NCR in India. Gaur saundaryam / Gaur city 2 / gaur city 14th avenue

Sikka Group has come up with residential, commercial and hospitality projects. Residential projects by Sikka group are Sikka Karmic Greens, Sikka karnam Greens, Sikka Kamana Greens, Sikka Kaamya Greens, Sikka Kimmantra Greens, Sikka Krish Greens, Sikka Kimaya Greens, Sikka Kingston Greens. All these projects are built with solid reputation of quality and a great value for money projects. Sikka Group residential projects or any other projects which are known for quality, architecture, workmanship, luxury and style which they portray in their projects. The vision which they have seen reflects in their project and the work which they put in their project could be seen with the tiresome efforts and dedication to prosper growth.

Sikka Group has commercial project by the name of Sikka Kapital Grand- Krown Galleria and Gaffar Market which shows the indomitable spirit of the group. Not only the name makes think about the glorious past and the beautiful present but it also gives enough strength about accumulating resources and turning it into virtual goldmines of peace and prosperity. Sikka Group also offers the best for the hospitality sector in the form of Fern Residency and Sikka Kapital Grand- Krowne Plaza. Sikka Group is known for building a solid reputation for the quality and also it offers great value for money projects.

Sikka Group which has been known for coming up with establishing business ventures and real estate milestones. They put all the efforts to create spaces in luxury, stature and design which also has futuristic vision along with sound knowledge bases for the global business environment. The total built up area by Sikka Group exceeds in 6 million Sq ft and an additional 3 million sq ft is built by them. It has a plan to build about 15 million sq ft in the coming years. Sikka Group will also make homes for more than 1 Lakh families who can live in their own homes. Sikka Group is turning to be a distinguished business entity is also making its foray into automobiles industry and has a turnover of INR 5 Billion.

Sikka Group has also come up with various affordable residential project all over Delhi-NCR. Sikka Group also looks for a better tomorrow and is also getting investment through Foreign Direct Investment. It see a growth of US $ 25 Billion in the coming 10 years has India as its main market that gives a bright future to the country as well as the Sikka Group!

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