This Great Step Could help to Reduce the Impact of Ecological Foot Print to Some Extent

Supertech eco village is a recently developed concept by the eco lovers for mutual sustainability of both environment and human in the desired conditions. The concept of eco-village had stemmed in the year, 1960 with the communal movement and was recognized for its eco friendly nature almost in the year 1995. Right after that, there is considerable progress that has materialized their existence and growth with just 25 people in the world. More Project: Supertech 199 Plots | Saya Noida 131

Saya 131

Supertech Eco village is designed and developed with crystal clear visions and missions to follow. These visions are very objective to work upon and get the benefits ecologically. There are essentially four dimensions to be seen and work upon. They are nvironmental, economical, social and cultural sustainability. With the increased awareness of the environment and its threats which are close in the near future, there are more and more members getting involved expanding the network to empower this eco village concept.

Every member wants to minimize their part of carbon foot print to reduce the harm to the environment. This initiative is important at the present pollution concerned scenario of the world. This great step could help to reduce the impact of ecological foot print to some extent. Carbon emission also would be decreased to great extent. The eco friendly resource utilization, not only soothes the nature, but also the residents with non-polluted area.

Supertech Romano flats are luxury apartments which is situated at sector – 118, Noida. It has 2 and 3 BHK luxury flats apartments with several types of the modern facilities.

The focus has been emphasized on minimizing the dependence of the consumerist practices as well as the fossil fuels. The focus is enhanced to produce as well as consume the products locally strengthened by meaningful relationships to live as sustainable as possible. Concrete initiatives to reduce the usage of energy, localized farming, creation and running of sustainable local businesses have been in practice. The importance of being united with the common mission for synergistic results is never forgotten in these eco village communities. So, each member of the community is given importance and is free to share and suggest the views that would lead the system to be developing with new added dimensions with great pace.

As a part of integrity in the community, cultural as well as spiritual practices are encouraged and followed to a great extent. These practices are visional with exploration of the interconnected with the earth.

These villages grow and harvest the food organically. Buildings are made with the usage of local material. Water, air and soil which are available locally are well protected and protect the biodiversity.

A unique dimension is followed for the usage of money. Retail business of the products and services among the people generates the money. This money is saved and spent by the community and gets circulated among the members of this community.

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